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Request a Notice to Owner
Price: $45.00*
What's Included:

1. Preparation of a Notice to Owner / Contractor Document
2. Mailing of certified, return receipt requested copy to Owner, Contractor,
Lender, and any other listed parties on the Notice of Commencement
3. Mailing of regular mail copy to Owner, Contractor, and Lender
4. Research of any required information to facilitate delivery of the above listed items, based on 1 simple form you fill out
5. Mailing to you a copy of the notice, and of the certified tracking number
6. Signature confirmation card comes directly to you once signed
7. Notices are guaranteed mailed within 3 business days
8. Preparation of unsigned partial and final releases of lien, specific to your company and job, to provide to owners and contractors upon payment

Includes all preparation and mailing for $45.00*, additional options available


*45.00 fee assumes payment with mastercard, visa, and/or discover card, selection of standard preparation and standard delivery. Other credit cards accepted for an additional fee. Additional prep and delivery options avilable.
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